FORCE MAJEURE To Release ‘Saints Of Sulphur’ In October

“Saints Of Sulphur”, the sophomore album from the Finnish power metallers FORCE MAJEURE, will be released on October 19 via Scandal Music Company. A single, “Ecstasy”, will be made available digitally on September 22.

“Saints Of Sulphur” is the long-awaited follow-up to FORCE MAJEURE‘s 2008 debut “Frozen Chambers”, an album which was received well by listeners and press alike and which found its way to Finnish national top 40 album chart. On their second offering, “Force Majeure” has successfully elevated their sound, songwriting and delivery to a whole new level. With production duties masterminded by Scandal Recordings‘ very own Kari “Huikka” Huikuri, the album stands out as a quality product that measures up well against the very best of the genre.

No less than 12 minutes in length, the album-closing title track is FORCE MAJEURE‘s first truly epic song that takes the listener on an enchanting journey, painting a vivid and terrifying musical picture of insanity and war.

Adding to FORCE MAJEURE‘s already formidable strength, “Saints Of Sulphur” features guest appearances by acclaimed musicians such as Matias Kupiainen (STRATOVARIUS), Tapio Wilska (SURVIVORS ZERO, SETHIAN, FINNTROLL), Asim Searah (KIUAS) and Alexa Leroux (SHEAR), as well as the booming voice of opera singer Jaakko Hietikko and that of Marc David Taylor who is responsible for the haunting narration on the title track.