FOREIGNER’s ‘Head Games’ Remembered In New Ebook

A new one-dollar short ebook tells the story — 34 years on — of the making of FOREIGNER‘s 1979 album “Head Games”.

Author Martin Popoff explains: “For all their fame, there really hasn’t been much written about FOREIGNER, so I’m particularly proud of this in-depth analysis of the band’s biting, dark horse album from 1979, arguably the last or second last of the classics from the hard AOR masters.

“In our celebration of ‘Head Games’, I’m joined by both Lou Gramm and Mick Jones (plus a couple of producers), who together unlock the magic of this record, one that — hard to believe — was considered a career setback for the chart-charging veterans.”

“It was definitely among the first 48 track recordings,” guitarist Mick Jones says. “But there was also a feeling that we wanted to come up a little heavier than we had been perhaps on the first two albums, a little more raw, kind of the street-type thing.”

“There were some radio stations that wouldn’t play it, first of all, because of the cover, which they viewed as in bad taste,” singer Lou Gramm says. “It’s a little bit out of line, but it’s not evil. And then second of all, ‘Dirty White Boy’ was the first single, and there were stations that perceived that as being in poor taste as well.”

“Ye Olde Metal: Foreigner’s Head Games” is available as a 16-page ebook in high-resolution PDF format from Zunior.


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