Former AC/DC Drummer CHRIS SLADE Continues Riding On His 50-Year Rock Roller Coaster

After a very successful start to their U.K. tour earlier this year, former AC/DC drummer Chris Slade with his band THE CHRIS SLADE TIMELINE is setting off again, this time visiting the Midlands, including the headlining on the Saturday night at the Rock And Blues Old School Weekender Festival in Penrich, Derbyshire. THE CHRIS SLADE TIMELINE continues in its quest of marking Slade‘s illustrious 50-year-career as a professional rock drummer.

For the latest leg of the tour, Slade is joined again by vocalist Steve Glasscock, guitarist James Cornford (recently lead guitarist for Blaze Bayley) and keyboard player Michael Clark but this time is taking along with him, to complete the lineup, budding bass player Andy Crosby and vocalist Frank Knight, whom Slade has worked with on numerous projects around the world.

THE CHRIS SLADE TIMELINE will continue to include unforgettable rock anthems from a varied set list devised from Slade‘s time with Tom Jones, MANFRED MANN’S EARTH BAND, URIAH HEEP, THE FIRM, ASIA, including a fair degree of AC/DC. Taking into account Chris Slade‘s illustrious and lengthy career, there is zero chance of ever running out of material!

THE CHRIS SLADE TIMELINE begins the second leg of the U.K. tour in Grimbsy at the end of July and the following dates have been confirmed at time of going to press:

Jul. 26 – Yardbirds Rock Club, Grimsby, Lincs
Jul. 27 – The Rock and Blues Old School Weekender Festival, Penrich, Derby
Aug.23 – The Roadhouse, Stirchley, Birmingham.
Aug.24 – Sound Music Venue, Cheltenham, Gloucs
Aug.25 – The Diamond, Sutton-in-Ashfield, Notts
Aug 30 – Blitz Live Venue, Preston, Lancs
Aug.31 – Trades, Rotherham

Slade received his highest exposure in 1989 when he was asked to join AC/DC as the replacement for Simon Wright. Slade played on the 1990 “Razor’s Edge” album, which included “Thunderstruck” receiving a Grammy nomination for his work. Slade toured with AC/DC for three years and it culminated in the release of “Big Gun”, which was part of the “Last Action Hero” movie soundtrack starring Arnold Swarzenegger. Slade left the band when former drummer Phil Rudd was reinstated. AC/DC guitarist Angus Young has since been quoted as saying that Chris Slade was “the best musician in AC/DC.”


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