Former AFTER FOREVER Guitarist Issues Update On New Project

Former AFTER FOREVER guitarist Sander Gommans is working on a new album as a follow-up to his HDK project (formerly HATE DEATH KILL), which released its debut CD, “System Overload”, in February 2009 via France’s Season Of Mist. According to Gommans, Geert Kroes (DEAD MAN’S CURSE), an “awesome vocalist from the Netherlands,” will be responsible for a lot of the vocal parts on the new album.

A brand new update on the project from Gommans follows below.

“Nearly all the keyboard parts are finished; they just have to be fine tuned a bit for the actual album. It’s very cool to work with two keyboard players this time (Uri Dijk and Erik van Ittersum) since they both give a unique input to the songs.

Koen Herfst is working out the drum parts at the moment; they will kick some serious ass!

“Tomorrow I’ll visit Geert Kroes to check new vocal parts. They will be recorded under the supervision of Amanda Somerville (TRILLIUM, AVANTASIA) as soon as we can find some time in our schedule.

“As I mentioned before, I’m a busy man, but there’s been a lot of progress!

‘System Overload’ was full of agression and experiments, [but] this album will be a return to the AFTER FOREVER sound with more heavy elements — more guitar-oriented. The songwriting I did for AFTER FOREVER, HDK, TRILLIUM and various other projects have led to this record, and I really excited about the input of the awesome musicians I’m working with this time.”

A short video clip of Kroes laying down vocal tracks in the studio can be seen below.

HDK‘s sound was previously described by Gommans as “much more aggressive and experimental than the stuff [he] had done before.”

AFTER FOREVER announced its split in February 2009, explaining in a statement that the bandmembers “have reached the point where [they] need to explore the world of music in each of [their] own different ways.”

The band’s last, self-titled album, was released in April 2007 via Nuclear Blast Records.