Former AFTER FOREVER Singer Offering Online Vocal Lessons

Do you love to sing? Would you like to learn more about your voice and its potential? Former AFTER FOREVER and current REVAMP singer Floor Jansen can teach you all there is to know in a customized program and help you reach whatever goal you’ve set for yourself! Beginner or experienced; Floor can teach you to improve your skill set and enjoy singing to the max!

What can you expect from Floor‘s 100% customized lessons? Learn and work on:

* Warming-up exercises;
* Breathing and breathing support exercises;
* The proper use of vocal techniques;
* Song interpretation;
* How to train, not strain, your vocal cords;
* How to use several proven vocal methods such as Complete Vocal Technique (CVT).

After your lessons are finished, Floor will provide you with a detailed evaluation of your progress and a personal advice on how to keep practicing at home so you can continue to improve your skill set.

For more information, watch the video below and visit