Former ANTHRAX Guitarist DAN SPITZ’s RED LAMB: Laredo Footage Available

RED LAMB, the band led by former ANTHRAX guitarist Dan Spitz, performed at Old No. 2 Cafe Grill, Laredo, Texas on March 6 as part of its first-ever U.S. tour. Fan-filmed video footage can be seen below.

RED LAMB‘s self-titled debut album was released in February 2012 via iTunes. The 12-song effort was co-produced by Dave Mustaine (MEGADETH) and Spitz and is described in a press release as “explosive hard rock, pop punk, alternative rock, with a taste of thrash.” The CD was mixed by Grammy-nominated producer Johnny K (DISTURBED, 3 DOORS DOWN, DROWNING POOL, MEGADETH) and it features cover artwork by John Lorenzi, who worked on the last three MEGADETH studio albums — 2007’s “United Abominations”, 2009’s “Endgame” and 2011’s “TH1RT3EN” — as well as the band’s 2007 box set, “Warchest”. Grammy Award winner Chris Vrenna (NINE INCH NAILS, MARILYN MANSON) handled all synths and additional programming on the entire CD.

RED LAMB features Spitz (lead guitar, guitar, bass guitar, programming, background vocals, engineering, co-producer) and Don Chaffin (vocals and video productions).

In a 2012 interview with Metal Insider, Spitz stated about Mustaine‘s involvement with RED LAMB, “Dave heard what used to be my project [DEUXMONKEY] before RED LAMB and we were just cruising into the studio in one of his crazy cars, I think it was an Aston Martin or something. And he just fell in love with the music, and as a friend offered, ‘Can I take this from you and kind of help?’ At that point in time, I was wearing 50 hats, so it became quite difficult. It was just a blessing for Dave to say, ‘Yeah, absolutely!’ and that’s where we started. His credit is he’s a co-producer; we worked together on taking that material that was already recorded. All the music was done by me and recorded and we edited the music and moved verses and choruses around, shortening songs and got rid of the seven-minute solo if there was one. [laughs] . . . Dave worked with Donnie consistently day in day out on all the vocals. . . And previous to that, via electronic means, meaning e-mail and so forth, me and Dave took all the lyrics that I had written for the CD and we dissected those the same way we dissected the music. And Dave co-wrote every song on the album with me as far as the lyrics go and so that’s his role in it. He’s the co-writer on every song. So it’s a wonderful collaboration.”

Spitz is a born-again Christian and Messianic Jew who, in interviews, has frequently cited his faith as an influential component to his life.

The musician and his wife, Candi, are raising two identical mirror image twin boys that both suffer from autism.

Spitz took part in the reunion of ANTHRAX‘s classic lineup in 2005 and 2006 but left the band after ANTHRAX‘s last split with singer Joey Belladonna.