Former ARSIS Drummer Joins THE FINAL SLEEP

Former ARSIS drummer Mike VanDyne has joined the Troy, New York-based metal band THE FINAL SLEEP.

THE FINAL SLEEP features in its ranks Jay VanDervoort and Mike Stack of BURNING HUMAN and Jeff Andrews of ARMOR COLUMN.

Commented THE FINAL SLEEP: “Mike is an amazing drummer, and we are very excited to have him on board.

“When we started to brainstorm about drummers, Mike‘s name came up on the top of the list. We sent him some demos, and he was into it. He came back a few weeks later and nailed the four songs we sent him. He really couldn’t have made it any easier for us.

“We look forward to finishing our CD, and getting back out on the live circuit soon.”

Mike recorded five studio albums and toured extensively with ARSIS. He also played in the Albany/Troy, New York-based band CRIMSON MASK.


Kevin Maloney – Guitar
Mike Stack – Guitar
Jeff Andrews – Vocals, Guitar
Jay VanDervoort – Bass
Mike VanDyne – Drums


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