Former ATHEIST bassist Travis Morgan, who toured with the band last year and played at such festivals as Hellfest, Inferno and 70000 Tons Of Metal, has released a four track EP from his one-man band SUNKEN COLONY entitled “Animus”.

The track listing for the effort is as follows:

01. Imminent
02. Rite of Passage
03. Animus
04. Dormant Misery (GORGUTS cover)

Regarding “Animus”, Travis said, “In many ways, this album is a struggle. It is a parallel story about a struggle, following characters on either side of the fourth wall. Every instrument struggles to present its piece of the story in the most efficient way. And seeing the story to completion was a struggle, taking three years to construct and record a mere four songs.”

He continued, “I came very close to not releasing this album at all. Having never written and released any serious body of original music in my life, I decided to make an honest attempt. However, knowing my limited knowledge and skill level (I didn’t play guitar, program drums, or know much of anything about audio recording at the start of this album’s creation), I tried to see it as a ‘practice record’ — and at times, it shows. Between the lack of a professional quality mix, some questionable songwriting choices, the unhealthily perfectionist approach to recording, and the fact that the album is based around a concept on a video game I more or less came up with when I was 15 — there is more than one thing about this album that I disagree with in hindsight. But to have such hindsight means I must have learned a thing or two, which is indeed the case. And thus, we’ve come full circle…”

For more information, visit the SUNKEN COLONY Bandcamp page.



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