Former BIOHAZARD Frontman Recording ‘Timeless Heavy Metal’ Debut Album With ATTIKA 7

ATTIKA 7 (formerly ATTIKA) — the Los Angeles-based heavy metal/hard rock band featuring Tony Campos (SOULFLY, POSSESSED, STATIC-X, ASESINO, MINISTRY) on bass; Evan Seinfeld (BIOHAZARD) on vocals; and songwriter and famed motorcycle builder Rusty Coones on guitar — has inked a North American deal with THC: Music/Rocket Science Ventures. The group entered the studio this week with producer Mudrock (AVENGED SEVENFOLD, GODSMACK) to begin recording its debut album for a summer release.

Commented Seinfeld: “As I embarked on my journey of musical and personal reinvention, the first step was to put together a band of incredible players, with diverse styles and a unified vision to write, record and perform timeless heavy metal, backed by an authentic outlaw lifestyle. Second, was to write and demo songs from our hearts and then to align ourselves with an amazing team in THC/Rocket Science for our debut release. Between Thom, Kevin, and the whole Rocket Science family, we feel such a strong sense of support and commitment from the label and we are fucking stoked that we have real partners in helping us to launch the ATTIKA 7 army.”

Added Coones: “I’m very excited to be signed to THC: Music/Rocket Science. They have made it possible for us to get in the studio with one of the greatest metal producers of all time, Mudrock. We are in the studio as we speak, and we are looking forward to finally creating our debut album, and letting people hear what ATTIKA 7 is all about.”

Stated Campos: “It’s weird being in a band where I’m the only one who hasn’t been to jail. And it sounds heavy as fuck!”

Mudrock said: “I’m happy to make a record with a bunch of guys who really know what they are doing and I promise that we will make it sound like it will rip your face off… I just hope Rusty doesnt kill me!”

Seinfeld, who last year left the reunited original lineup of BIOHAZARD, added, “So many people have asked me about BIOHAZARD and I really have not taken any time to comment, so here goes.

“All I really have to say is that I dedicated the better part of my life to founding, creating, and breathing life into being the frontman and face for the thing that BIOHAZARD was for 25 years and building it into an iconic brand. I put endless time and effort playing, writing, and singing on the new BIOHAZARD album, ‘Reborn In Defiance’, which I am very proud of — in my opinion, one of the band’s best albums in many years. And although, as of now, it will not be released in the States, I’m sure the fans of the band who can get their hands on it will love it, as it will stand as the very last album by the original band.

“As for why I left the band, all I will say at this time is that it was 100% personal, and that it was not only a long-overdue and welcome change for me, but the catalyst for me to join up with my fellow members in ATTIKA 7, sign this amazing record deal with THC/Rocket Science, and begin recording our debut album with sonic ninja/master producer Mudrock!

“After 10 albums and probably around 4000 concerts with BIOHAZARD in over 90 countries, all I can say is that the only thing constant in life is change, and without it, things can become stagnant and repetitious. The creative situation for me playing with Rusty and Tony in ATTIKA fosters my genuine creativity to flow, and allowed us to build something heavy, authentic, new and exciting from the ground up; more than music, but real camaraderie.

“As for all the details of why I really left BIOHAZARD, those interested in the whole story can read my autobiography I am in the process of writing, which shares my life story in a no stones unturned ‘tell-all.’ Until then, look for ATTIKA 7‘s debut album to street in early summer on THC Music/Rocket Science.”

Video footage of the new lineup of ATTIKA 7 performing the song “Serial Killer” on November 26, 2011 at the Stingfest at Stingers Bar Night Club in San Bernardino, California can be seen below.

The ATTIKA7 sound “boasts very heavy, down-tuned and melodic harmonies, all the while boasting brutal hooks and grooves,” according to a press release. “The band draws from several musical influences, including their own additional projects, and has been compared to the likes of BLACK SABBATH, METALLICA, GODSMACK, PANTERA, and WHITE ZOMBIE. The timeless no-frills songwriting of ATTIKA 7 is set apart from today’s homogenized, derivative copycat bands by so many things, but above all: authenticity.”

The majority of the ATTIKA7 album was written by lifetime biker and ATTIKA 7 lead guitarist Rusty Coones while serving a seven-year federal prison sentence for a false conviction. Rather than rat on his friends, Rusty used the tension to teach himself how to play guitar in solitary confinement. The passion and street credibility in his lyrics and riffs speak to the underdogs of the world who will not break, will not bend, but stand against forever.

When Rusty called best friend and riding buddy Evan Seinfeld to check in on whether he knew of a singer who could join his band, Evan immediately jumped in without hesitation. Since then, Rusty and Evan have been writing, recording, living and breathing ATTIKA 7 and haven’t looked back.