Former BIOHAZARD Frontman Talks ATTIKA 7 In New Audio Interview

John Doan of recently conducted an interview with former BIOHAZARD and current ATTIKA 7 frontman Evan Seinfeld. You can now listen to the chat in six parts below.

ATTIKA 7 — the Los Angeles-based heavy metal/hard rock band featuring Seinfeld on vocals; and songwriter and famed motorcycle builder Rusty Coones on guitar — performed on a recent episode of the Discovery Channel‘s new hit motorcycle club series “The Devil’s Ride”. Check out video footage below.

“The Devil’s Ride” follows the exploits of San Diego motorcyle club Laffing Devils, and delves deep into biker and MC culture. Coones has been a recurring guest on the program.

“Crackerman” comes off ATTIKA 7‘s debut album, “Blood Of My Enemies”, which will be released on July 31 via THC: Music/Rocket Science Ventures. The CD was recorded with producer Mudrock (AVENGED SEVENFOLD, GODSMACK).

Commented Seinfeld: “As I embarked on my journey of musical and personal reinvention, the first step was to put together a band of incredible players, with diverse styles and a unified vision to write, record and perform timeless heavy metal, backed by an authentic outlaw lifestyle.

“After 10 albums and probably around 4000 concerts with BIOHAZARD in over 90 countries, all I can say is that the only thing constant in life is change, and without it, things can become stagnant and repetitious. The creative situation for me playing with Rusty and Tony in ATTIKA fosters my genuine creativity to flow, and allowed us to build something heavy, authentic, new and exciting from the ground up; more than music, but real camaraderie.”

The ATTIKA7 sound “boasts very heavy, down-tuned and melodic harmonies, all the while boasting brutal hooks and grooves,” according to a press release. “The band draws from several musical influences, including their own additional projects, and has been compared to the likes of BLACK SABBATH, METALLICA, GODSMACK, PANTERA, and WHITE ZOMBIE. The timeless no-frills songwriting of ATTIKA 7 is set apart from today’s homogenized, derivative copycat bands by so many things, but above all: authenticity.”

The majority of the ATTIKA7 album was written by lifetime biker and ATTIKA 7 lead guitarist Rusty Coones while serving a seven-year federal prison sentence for a false conviction. Rather than rat on his friends, Rusty used the tension to teach himself how to play guitar in solitary confinement. The passion and street credibility in his lyrics and riffs speak to the underdogs of the world who will not break, will not bend, but stand against forever.

When Rusty called best friend and riding buddy Evan Seinfeld to check in on whether he knew of a singer who could join his band, Evan immediately jumped in without hesitation. Since then, Rusty and Evan have been writing, recording, living and breathing ATTIKA 7 and haven’t looked back.

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