Former COAL CHAMBER Bassist’s VERA MESMER: New Performance Footage Available

Video footage of VERA MESMER, the project featuring ex-COAL CHAMBER bassist Nadja Peulen and former REVEILLE guitarist Chris Turner (a.k.a. Christopher Mesmer), performing the song “Back From The Dead”, on February 3 at the Viper Room in Hollywood, California can be seen below.

VERA MESMER spent the past few months working on its debut album, “Orphans Outlaws”, for a 2012 release.

According to Nadja, she is focusing completely on her new creative outlet and she isn’t currently involved in any other bands. “I have no other projects in the works,” she told AOL‘s Noisecreep. “I don’t really believe in spreading yourself too thin,” she said. “You just can’t put your heart and commitment into two places at one time. As an artist, I like to immerse myself 100% in what I am doing. It becomes my existence and I am very passionate about it. It took me many years to find a band that I could believe in and this is the one for me.”

The bassist added, “Working with Chris has been truly a transformation for me. I’ve learned and am still learning a lot from him songwriting and recording/production-wise. He’s been pushing me musically and making me tap into unfamiliar territory such as singing. We have this strange musical connection and it’s very easy to work together as we have the same taste, ideas, and thoughts. This sort of partnership doesn’t come around often, as I have been looking for it for about eight years. He’s brought me back from the dead, no pun intended, as it is the name of our first single and video. But the song is actually not about that.”

When asked about the possibility of her involvement in a COAL CHAMBER reunion, Nadja said, “I am not sure if there will ever be a reunion [with me on bass]. [Editor’s note: COAL CHAMBER has since announced a reunion for Australia’s Soundwave Festival and South American tour, featuring new bassist Chela Rhea Harper.] There have been talks in the past, but at this time I am solely focused on VERA MESMER. I live and breathe this band 24/7 as we are an independent band with no label support carrying the weight of launching this all by ourselves. It’s been nice to have the freedom to write, record, and produce our songs how we want them [and] have complete control [over] all artwork and presentation.”

VERA MESMER‘s current lineup is completed by drummer Cody Root.

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