Symphonic/power metal band HELIOSAGA has announced the addition of vocalist Chelsea Knaack to the group’s ranks.

Knaack is known for her lead vocals in DESDEMON and brought her impressive talent to their 2011 release on Radtone Music in Japan.

Damien Villarreal formed HELIOSAGA in 2010 with a dynamic selection of musicians around San Antonio, Texas. HELIOSAGA‘s powerful moving melodies, enhanced by Knaack‘s passionate soprano voice, will make the band a force among the ranks of the female-fronted genre.

HELIOSAGA is writing new material and will begin pre-production for label representation following Chelsea‘s relocation to Texas this summer.

The name HELIOSAGA is a metaphor derived from helios, the Greek word for sun, and saga meaning the story/ history; thus, HELIOSAGA represents the journey of life.

Knaack states: “I was looking for a new chapter in my life with a new adventure and HELIOSAGA fit the plan. It was also the chemistry with the guys; we are all very similar in many ways. It will be a great adventure indeed.”

HELIOSAGA adds: “Chelsea‘s vocals are moving, her stage presence is captivating and she has an immense passion for this kind of music. Shortly after meeting we realized how well we click on personal and professional levels, so we can say that we have gained a great friend and an incredible bandmate! We are eager to begin recording our debut album together, which will be released early next year.”

HELIOSAGA is Chelsea Knaack (lead vocals), Damien Villarreal (guitar and keyboards), Ken Lambdin (guitars), Jacob Horning (bass), and Jordan Ames (drums).


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