Former DEVOLVED Bassist Working With Ex-ANKLA Singer

Former DEVOLVED bassist Hal Berkstresser has released the following statement:

“Following producing ‘Oblivion’, a record I love and am proud to have worked so heavily on, I have decided to end my involvement with DEVOLVED. I had hoped to evolve the material and continue working with drummer John Sankey, but consideration for me and my input vanished long ago and I have to move onward. I feel honored to have worked with Brett Noordin and Kyle Zemanek during my time with the band…..but please, keep an ear out for DRONIKA in early 2012, featuring myself and ex-ANKLA singer Eddie Macias. We will hopefully deliver you all some great songs, killer live drums and what is turning out to be a great sounding debut record.”

DEVOLVED recently released a demo version of a new song called “Collateral Damage”. The track will be featured on the band’s next album, to be released in 2012. All music was written and performed by John Sankey and Mark Hawkins, with lyrics and arrangement by John Sankey. The vocals were performed by DEVOLVED‘s new lead singer, Mark Haggblad (UNVEIL THE STRENGTH), following the recent departure of Kyle Zemanek (DEADSETT).

DEVOLVED‘s latest album, “Oblivion”, was released on May 24 via Unique Leader Records.


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