Former DROWN Frontman Comments On CLIVE BURR’s Passing

LORDS OF RUIN frontman Lauren Boquette (pictured below), formerly of the alt-metal act DROWN, has commented on the passing of former IRON MAIDEN drummer Clive Burr.

“Very sad to hear the news of Clive‘s passing,” Lauren said.

IRON MAIDEN was the first band I ever saw live and Clive Burr was the first drummer I ever saw period, but get this, they were the opening act!

“As a very young kid, my mom took me to see UFO in Long Beach, California at the Long Beach Arena and MAIDEN opened the show. It was the ‘Killers’ tour, Paul Di’Anno was on vocals and my mind was blown! The second they finished, I went to their t-shirts, saw the ‘Killers’ album cover on a white jersey with red sleeves and had to have it!

“What angry kid doesn’t want the word ‘Killers’ in blood on the back of their t-shirt?

“I became a MAIDEN fanatic from that moment on. That was a monumental time in my life and I remember it like it was yesterday.

“R.I.P. Clive Burr… Hallowed Be Thy Name!”

Clive Burr died Tuesday night in his sleep at his home at the age of 56 after suffering from multiple sclerosis for many years.

Clive joined MAIDEN in 1979 and performed on the first three albums — “Iron Maiden” (1980), “Killers” (1981) and “The Number Of The Beast” (1982). Prior to that, he was a member of SAMSON, the band Bruce Dickinson fronted before he, too, joined MAIDEN.