Orange County, California-based hard rock band LORDS OF RUIN, which features in its ranks members of DROWN, SIX and MOTOR GUN HOTEL, has signed with Sullen Musik for the release of its new “Life Is A War” EP, which is available this Tuesday, March 5 digitally at iTunes.

LORDS OF RUIN is comprised of vocalist Lauren Boquette, formerly of the alt-metal act DROWN as well as Tattoo The Earth‘s main-stage opener FAMOUS, guitarist Jimmy Craig, bassist Travis Dunn and drummer Eric Dilday.

“With major labels more and more driven by the almighty dollar and how fast they can get it without any artist development, we’re extremely thankful to have a union with Sullen Musik,” commented Boquette. They are a completely artist-driven label that is focused on helping their acts build a genuine fan base through new marketing strategies, relentless touring and simply getting good music into the hands of the people who dig it! That’s all this business needs to be; the rest just happens naturally.

“We’re out to destroy people with this music. ‘Life is a War’ is only the beginning and Sullen Musik is on board to help us achieve our goals by being willing to work just as hard as we do.”

LORDS OF RUIN rose from the ashes of SIX, who in 2009 released its critically acclaimed third album, “Between The War and the Warning”, The CD featured guest appearances by Mike Clark from SUICIDAL TENDENCIES and bassist Tony Campos from STATIC-X.

Sullen Musik is a new independent music label focused on incubating and launching up-and-coming talent aligned with the lifestyle established by Sullen Clothing, the art-driven apparel brand founded and headquartered in Huntington Beach, California.