Former GORGOROTH Frontman Stars In ‘Flukt’ Movie; Trailer Available

Former GORGOROTH/GOD SEED frontman Gaahl (real name: Kristian Eivind Espedal) stars in a new Norwegian film called “Flukt” (English: “Escape”). An action picture set in the remote Norwegian countryside during the 1300s, it was helmed by “Cold Prey” director Roar Uthaug and features Norwegian actress Ingrid Bolsø Berdal in the role of the leader of a group of outlaws living in the mountains.

Synopsis: “The film takes place in the year 1363. Black Death has killed half the population. Many travel from death and misery in search of a better life elsewhere. But the country is sparsely populated, and in the mountains, raging outlaw gangs and a life is worth little.”

Uthaug said, “‘Escape’ should be a grand adventure that takes us back to a time that is little described in the Norwegian film. It should be an epic rollercoaster ride of a thriller.”

“Flukt” is scheduled to premiere on September 28. Check out a trailer below.




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