Former JOURNEY Singer STEVE PERRY Plans Return To Studio

Former JOURNEY singer Steve Perry tells that he’s planning to get to work in earnest in a studio he’s just finishing in his southern California home just north of San Diego, which he says will have a control room and “a tracking room about the size of Motown.”

“I’m finishing that room up and I’ve written a whole bunch of ideas and directions, all over the map, in the last two, three years,” says Perry, who was with JOURNEY from 1977 to 1998. “So I plan on getting in the studio at some point and start trying to track these things and see where they go.”

When asked if he would consider a one-off reunion with his former JOURNEY bandmates for something like the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame, Perry said, “I don’t know. I’m not a big fan of the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame. It’s just a personal thing, not an ego thing. I think that, honestly, JOURNEY doesn’t need to be in the Hall Of Fame. With everything we accomplished… we’ve had our Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame, you know? It’s in the hearts of the people out there and their experiences and their memories of what we did together and how we all had the time of our lives with the music that we loved to perform and they loved to hear. I really don’t want someone to qualify it any more than that.”

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Photo below courtesy of Steve Perry Online