Former KITTIE Bassist Resurfaces In SPEEDGOD

Former KITTIE bassist Ivy Vujic Jenkins has resurfaced in a brand new Lansing, Michigan-based metal band called SPEEDGOD.

SPEEDGOD is a heavy metal band created and established by Sean Von Tersch (ex-DEEPFIELD) on guitar, Ivy Vujic Jenkins on bass, Miles Green (ex-BETWEEN YOU AND ME, MYTHS AND LEGENDS) on drums, and Geoff Jenkins (ex-GWEN STACY, ONCE NOTHING) on vocals.

SPEEDGOD will make its live debut this coming Friday, June 7 at Uli’s Haus Of Rock in Lansing. The band will be giving away its three-song demo, simply entitled “The 2013 Demos”, for free to anyone who wants it. Physical copies of the demo will also be available for free on the SPEEDGOD web site (you pay shipping) beginning Thursday, June 6 at 6 p.m.

“The 2013 Demos” contains the following tracks:

* Liberation
* Hypocrisy (And Its Traitor)
* Duat

SPEEDGOD is currently in the process of booking appearances at several summer and fall music festivals as well as neighboring state event venues.


Sean Von Tersch – Guitar
Ivy Jenkins – Bass
Miles Green – Drums
Geoff Jenkins – Vocals





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