Former KORN Drummer’s INFINIKA: ‘Beautiful World’ Single, Video Released

“Beautiful World”, the first video from INFINIKA, the new band featuring former KORN drummer David Silveria alongside ANYONE members Riz Story and Miki Black, can be seen below. The clip was directed by Story and was ironically shot in the very same room that KORN‘s debut video, “Blind”, was filmed in.

“Beautiful World”, which is available for digital purchase via iTunes and Amazon, comes off INFINIKA‘s forthcoming album, “Echoes And Traces”.

INFINIKA‘s lineup is completed by former TRAK 13 bassist Cory Tarallo.


Riz Story (ANYONE): Lead Vocals, Guitars
Miki Black (ANYONE): Guitar, Keyboards
Cory Tarallo (TRAK 13): Bass
David Silveria (KORN): Drums

Silveria has told that he was tired, and not drunk, when he was pulled over by police on March 25 in Huntington Beach, California and arrested for DUI. Silveria said he passed a breathalyzer test that showed no alcohol in his system, but that it was a sleeping pill that did him in.

Calling it “an honest mistake,” Silveria claimed he suffers from insomnia and took a sleeping pill the night before, not realizing the next morning that he was too exhausted to drive. Silveria said he told the cops about the pill once he had passed the breathalyzer test, and that they proceeded to arrest him after that.

He admitted to rear-ending another car while driving, adding that he will take responsibility for all his actions.

Silveria quit KORN in late 2006 after 13 years to concentrate on his family and restaurants, reportedly selling all his drums and equipment.