Former KORN Guitarist BRIAN ‘HEAD’ WELCH Has No Regrets

James Wood of recently conducted an interview with former KORN guitarist and current LOVE DEATH frontman Brian “Head” Welch. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow below. How did LOVE DEATH get started?

Welch: When I left KORN, I did a solo record, which was very personal and experimental. I hired a few guys and went on the road, and a few of them have stayed with me over the years. We’ve all become good friends. LOVE DEATH is really a group effort that shows you what can happen when you let other people in to distribute their gifts on a project. You were able to reach the pinnacle of success and the rock-star dream with KORN.

Welch: True. But if you have all of that and you’re still empty inside, what does it matter? It all means nothing. Everywhere we went, we were able to take whatever we wanted; getting the free alcohol and sometimes free drugs. Wherever we went, there were no laws, and it was killing us. You can call it “fun” — that is, until you realize it’s tearing you down, and it tore all of us down. Do you have any regrets?

Welch: Never. Everything is meant to be in life, and I love the person I’ve become. I’m still growing into the person I really want to be in the future. Now that I’ve found myself, it means a lot. I know it’s a gift. You were recently asked to perform on stage with KORN again. What was it like performing with them as the “new” Brian?

Welch: It was exciting. I appreciated just being there, but for different reasons. I could also breathe easier, because I’m so much healthier now. What brings you fulfillment?

Welch: My spiritual life and raising my daughter and steering her in the right direction. I also know that the music itself is a gift that I have to give.

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