Former KORN Guitarist: ‘My Favorite Thing To Do Is Talk About The Lord’

Guitarist Brian “Head” Welch abruptly quit KORN in early 2005 and announced that he had been saved by Jesus Christ. His announcement in front of 10,000 people in Bakersfield, California set off a media frenzy, as people from around the world sought to understand what led this rock star into the “light.”

Speaking to, Welch explained that had an eye-opening experience of what his life was becoming after his wife no longer could care for their young daughter because of the effects of drugs.

“I remember crying out to God that night saying, ‘Jesus, if you are real like that pastor said, then you’ve got to take these drugs from me. Come into my life. Come into my heart. Search me right now. Search my heart. You know that I want to quit these drugs. You know that I want to be a good dad to this kid. She is going to lose me if I don’t quit. I need your help.'”

He added, “When Christ came into my life, I gained a new understanding of life. We were created to live for him and to be with him. It is the most incredible feeling, being exactly where you belong when you find Jesus. Contentment comes from a relationship with Christ. You do not have to look anywhere else.”

Welch has subsequently issued two books, a full-length CD and a follow-up EP under the band name LOVE AND DEATH. However, he remains committed to sharing a message of hope and redemption at his live shows.

“I want people to know that there is more than this world,” Welch said. “Everyone lives for here and now, but these years are flying by so fast. If people would take their eyes off of this world and onto eternity, how different things would be. It’s crazy how everyone is so focused on this place that is quickly fading away. Obviously, you can still enjoy life, but you need that foundation of eternity and focusing on the things to come.”

He continued, “My favorite thing to do is talk about the Lord. But if I go to a rock concert or hang out with friends who aren’t Christians, I know when to stop talking, just be a friend and let them see a change in me. I’m blessed to be alive today and to be able to tell others about how Jesus has changed my life. If he can do that for me, then he can do that for anyone.”

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