Former MEGADETH guitarist Jeff Young has joined forces with acclaimed 26-year-old female extreme metal drummer Lux Drummerette (SACRED STORM, NEKROMANTIX) in an as-yet-unnamed new project.

Young stated about his collaboration with Lux, “I’m over the band concept. It’s a dinosaur… put a fork in it. We’re approaching this as a duo incoporating loops, DJs, soundscapes and assorted players per song/show/tour as needed. We sound full enough, we don’t need much else.”

Lux‘s signature drumming combines heavy metal double-bass with complex rhythms and dynamics, all while playing in stilettos. She also has the creative mind to incorporate elements of progressive and experimental rock rhythms. Music Connection magazine describes her drumming as “unique, off kilter, Keith Moon-inspired.”

When asked in a 2010 interview with The Metal Pit if it’s true that she plays in stiletto heels, Lux replied, “Of course! When I first started playing I was wearing regular shoes, and as I started getting into my high school years, I think I was drumming in sandals. And then I started drumming barefoot, and after a while I was getting sick of that and started leaving my shoes on again except by then I was wearing cute little pumps, and as I grew older, the heels on my shoes would get taller. And that’s how that all started. I just started leaving my heels on. Plus it looks super cool and super bad astronaut.” She added, “I never practice in heels, but when I’m on stage and play that first show in a while with SACRED STORM, my shin muscles are killing me after the first song or two with consistent double bass! [laughs] After that, it starts to feel okay and the next show isn’t that bad.”

Jeff‘s entire career with MEGADETH was spent recording and touring in support of the band’s 1988 platinum-selling album “So Far, So Good…So What!”