Former Members Of WHITE ZOMBIE And HEAD To Release ‘Black Sunshine’ Cover On Halloween

In celebration of the 20th anniversary of the release of WHITE ZOMBIE‘s groundbreaking album “La Sexorcisto: Devil Music Volume I”, original WHITE ZOMBIE drummer Ivan de Prume, along with Scott “SVH” Von Heldt (pictured below; former guitarist/vocalist for ex-KORN axeman Brian “Head” Welch), and Cirque du Soliel violinist Martin St. Pierre, are slated to release a cover of the WHITE ZOMBIE classic “Black Sunshine” under the moniker of HEALER. The song was recorded during sessions for an intended EP that was to be the group’s follow-up to their debut album, “Awakening”, which showcased a unique blend of metal and world music.

“We started covering ‘Thunderkiss ’65’ and ‘Black Sunshine’ in our live set and the vibe was very fresh and original because of the violin and world elements we had as a band,” stated Von Heldt. “When it came time to work on new material, we recorded ‘Black Sunshine’ just to get a feel for blending that raw ZOMBIE element with our own original twist, and in the end, I think we ended up with a pretty kick-ass version of an already classic metal track!”

HEALER was formed in 2005 and toured briefly from 2005 to 2007, including making an appearance on the Vans Warped Tour. They disbanded in 2008, with St. Pierre returning to Cirque du Soliel full time and Von Heldt joining Brian “Head” Welch‘s solo band. In 2011, de Prume and Von Heldt reunited and have been working on material for a new HEALER release, which they hope will see the light of day by early 2013.

“Black Sunshine” will be available October 31 via iTunes, Spotify, and other online retailers. The track can also be streamed using the SoundCloud player below.



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