Legendary Danish heavy metal guitarist Michael Denner (MERCYFUL FATE, KING DIAMOND) has launched a brand new band called DENNERS TRICKBAG. “It’s a project Denner started about six months ago,” the guitarist’s webmaster tells BLABBERMOUTH.NET. “First, he wanted to make some good music, with some of his best buddies, and with some he would enjoy beeing in a band in, and not someone from the metal scene he had already played with. He called the four musicians he had in mind” — including drummer Kim Hagemann (ZOSER MEZ, SWITCHBLADE) — “and they all said yes.”

DENNERS TRICKBAG‘s musical direction is “’70s progressive heavy metal with incredibly many guitar solos,” according to the webmaster. “Bands like JERICHO, CAPTAIN BEYOND, MONTROSE, THREE MEN ARMY and MOUNTAIN are, style-wise, what they aim for. ”

DENNERS TRICKBAG will play two exclusive shows at a small club in January 2013. An album release is planned for next spring.

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