Former NORTHER Singer Performs STRAPPING YOUNG LAD Cover (Video)

Vocalist Aleksi Sihvonen (MEDICATED, NORTHER, IMPERANON) joined Finnish metallers on stage this past Friday, November 2 at Kerubi in Joensuu, Finland to perform a cover version of STRAPPING YOUNG LAD‘s “Love?” Video footage of his appearance can be seen below.



NORTHER announced its decision to disband in July, citing the bandmembers’ inability to “tour or do shows as much as we would want to, this being due to members’ complicated and time-consuming life situations.” The group added, “We simply cannot act as an active and working band and it is clear that these issues are not solved in the future.”

Currently unsigned, NERVE END is a four-piece metal act from Joensuu, Finland. The band’s aim is “to deliver high-quality, high-energy music,” according to their official bio.


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