Former NOTHINGFACE Bassist Discusses IN FOR THE KILL Project In New Interview

Ex-NOTHIINGFACE bassist Bill Gaal recently spoke to Revolver magazine about the breakup of his former band and his new project IN FOR THE KILL, which is more comparable to groups like QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE or lighter ALICE IN CHAINS. Gaal sings and plays guitar in the new group, which released an album titled “Kingdom Sessions: Volume One” in 2008 and has since recorded a follow-up effort.

When asked what led to NOTHINGFACE‘s final breakup after the band tried reuniting in 2009, Gaal said, “I’ll just go with the last one, and I think the answer may be a little different depending on who you talk to. The way I saw it, the reunion of the original lineup of Chris, Tom, Matt, and I started with great energy and what seemed like a completely clean slate. All of us had spent years apart from each other, growing as individuals, and when we came together again, it was a great feeling to work on music with no management or label, no outside opinion or expectations. We knew that we were limited in the amount of time we had to write. We all had other projects that we would need to get back to, and life is always throwing in unexpected things that you just have to take care of. There were some unexpected gaps in the time that we had set aside to write, and just when things began to get really interesting and we were writing some really great new material, we had reached the point where we had to get the songs wrapped up. In the past NOTHINGFACE was the only thing that we all had, but now we all had other projects and responsibilities that had to be attended to, and unfortunately, it was becoming apparent that we were not all on the same page when it came to getting the band rolling again in the time frame that we had to do it. Looking back on it now, it would have been pretty difficult to really pull off. I was living in Los Angeles and working as a producer and songwriter — and still am — Chris was living in North Carolina, Matt was living in Maryland, and Tom was really busy with HELLYEAH. It always took a ton of luck and planning to get us all together, and when we were, we needed to get a lot of work done in a short amount of time. That works for for some people, but not for others.”

Regarding how the sound for IN FOR THE KILL came together, Gaal said, “The first IN FOR THE KILL record was a carryover from my band KINGDOM OF SNAKES, which was the band I started right after NOTHINGFACE. The type of songs that I have always been the most attracted to have big vocal hooks and big rock riffs. I spend a lot of time writing and studying all kinds of music, and I had a really clear idea of what I was looking for with IN FOR THE KILL. I wanted to write songs that had catch memorable riffs and vocals, but also had plenty of heavy guitars and bass. Oddly enough, the bass playing in IN FOR THE KILL is actually much heavier than almost anything that I wrote in NOTHINGFACE. Lyrically, IN FOR THE KILL songs usually deal with things that are going on in my life, I’m not really one to tell people how they should feel about things. The sound of the new IN FOR THE KILL record is a definite growth from the first one. The new songs are a bit heavier and complex, which was probably an outgrowth of the time I spent writing new NOTHINGFACE songs a couple of years ago! It’s also because of the influence of [original NOTHINGFACE drummer] Chris Houck‘s drumming on the album.”

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