Former NOTHINGFACE Bassist To Release New IN FOR THE KILL Album

Former NOTHINGFACE bassist Bill Gaal will release “This Is The Sweetest Kind Of Lie…You Are The Deadliest Surprise”, the new album from his IN FOR THE KILL project, sometime this spring.

The cover artwork for the CD can be seen below.

A track from the effort, “The Gold And The Gun”, will be made available for streaming on Tuesday, January 24 at

IN FOR THE KILL‘s sound is more comparable to that of groups like QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE or a lighter ALICE IN CHAINS. Gaal sings and plays guitar in the new group, which released an album titled “Kingdom Sessions: Volume One” in 2008.

Regarding how the sound for IN FOR THE KILL came together, Gaal told Revolver magazine in a 2011 interview, “The first IN FOR THE KILL record was a carryover from my band KINGDOM OF SNAKES, which was the band I started right after NOTHINGFACE. The type of songs that I have always been the most attracted to have big vocal hooks and big rock riffs. I spend a lot of time writing and studying all kinds of music, and I had a really clear idea of what I was looking for with IN FOR THE KILL. I wanted to write songs that had catch memorable riffs and vocals, but also had plenty of heavy guitars and bass. Oddly enough, the bass playing in IN FOR THE KILL is actually much heavier than almost anything that I wrote in NOTHINGFACE. Lyrically, IN FOR THE KILL songs usually deal with things that are going on in my life. I’m not really one to tell people how they should feel about things. The sound of the new IN FOR THE KILL record is a definite growth from the first one. The new songs are a bit heavier and complex, which was probably an outgrowth of the time I spent writing new NOTHINGFACE songs a couple of years ago! It’s also because of the influence of [original NOTHINGFACE drummer] Chris Houck‘s drumming on the album.”