Former PENTAGRAM Drummer Running For Political Office In Chile

Eduardo “Topo” Topelberg, former drummer of Chile’s death metal legends PENTAGRAM, is running for political office. The 45-year-old former musician is hoping to become elected one of ten councilors of Ñuñoa, a commune of Chile located in Santiago Province, on October 28.

Topelberg‘s campaign jingle, which can be seen below, has had more than twenty thousand views in less than two weeks.

Asked why he stopped drumming, Topelberg told, “I started to feel a pain in my right leg and I was diagnosed with neuropathy [nerve damage]. I had to stop playing and change some of my habits. I underwent gastric bypass surgery last year and lost 80 kilograms, Now I have two musical projects: OGRE, which performs covers of Camilo Sesto and other songs in Spanish, and my other band is ELECTROPÓNICO, a ‘tango trash’ project which I began before my trip to Buenos Aires and which I intend to finish mixing soon.”

PENTAGRAM earlier in the year announced the addition of drummer Juan Pablo Donoso (SADISM, THORNAFIRE) to the group’s ranks. The band’s guitarist/vocalist Anton Reisenegger explained at the time, “We all love Eduardo dearly and we wish him nothing but the best, but my impression is that playing drums is just not a priority for him anymore. I sincerely hope he proves me wrong in the future, as he will always be part of the PENTAGRAM family, but we needed a change if we wanted to move forward.”