Former SOULFLY And BORKNAGAR Drummer Selling All Of His Equipment

Since quitting SOULFLY and retiring from music last month, drummer David Kinkade — who has also played with BORKNAGAR, ARSIS and MALEVOLENT CREATION — has made the decision to sell all of his equipment. He says: “I no longer need any of it; therefore I would like to make it available to everyone. I have a lot of stuff and I’d prefer that it goes to people who will appreciate and use it rather than just have it collect dust in my home.

“So far, a large portion of my Sabian cymbal collection is listed on eBay along with the snare drum that I used on BORKNAGAR‘s ‘Universal’, ‘Urd’ and SOULFLY‘s ‘Enslaved’… along with the COUNCIL OF THE FALLEN EP and a bunch of other stuff. I’ve taken it all over the world with me and, honestly, it’s kinda hard to part with it but my fiancée and I are expecting a baby girl who is due in early April so I’m trying to save as much money as I can right now.

“In two weeks, I will be collecting my Pearl Masters Premium drumkit from SOULFLY in Phoenix and that will also be made available on eBay. Once it’s listed, I will try to inform everyone but if anyone is interested now, you can also contact me directly.

“I also have a SHITLOAD of my Promark signature drumsticks with the SOULFLY logo that I no longer have any use for. I’ve had lots of requests from people and have been shipping them all over the world these past few weeks. I know I’m not John Bonham or anything, but if you’re a SOULFLY collector, it might be something cool to add to your collection.

“I really appreciate all of the kind words and comments that I’ve gotten from everyone since announcing that I’ve retired. It was a hard decision but too many things were thrown on my plate and I felt it was the best move for my family and myself.

“Those interested in possibly acquiring items from my collection can visit my eBay or contact me directly:”




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