Former STUCK MOJO Frontman Launches BONZ Tour; Video Available

Video footage of BONZ, the new band led by original STUCK MOJO vocalist Bonz, performing on August 18 in Raleigh, North Carolina can be seen below.

BONZ recently completed recording its debut EP at Virtuo Sound Studios in Kennesaw, Georgia. The effort was engineered by Josh Hack, and co-produced by the band and Josh. “We’ve come up with a sound that we believe combines sounds and feelings of both the past and present,” stated guitarist Curt Taylor. “There is just groove and heaviness dripping off these tunes.”

BONZ‘s “The Mouth Of Mojo” tour launched on August 16 in Atlanta, Georgia and will take the band around the U.S. and Europe in the coming months.

After years of speculation, and many rumors, regarding his musical career, Bonz is back on the scene with a new band and new music that is sure to excite fans and impress critics. The group’s first single, “Broken Silence”, includes some of the most insightful and poignant lyrics of his career, and he has assembled a band that enables him to explore avenues that he has wanted to go to for many years.

Bonz recruited his friend, Curt Taylor, formerly of PRIMER 55, as well as Erin Stagg and Troi Mosby to complete the lineup. The band also has a number of friends and surprises who make guest appearances on the recordings, truly making this a team effort.

After creating the first few demos, Bonz and his bandmates knew that something really new and invigorating was in store, and the music reflects that feeling. This is a “new” Bonz, with all of the flair and attitude that only he can bring, as part of a band that delivers the goods night in and night out, reiterating that the “Mouth Of Mojo” is indeed back in fine form.

Bonz in 2010 collaborated with former SOULFLY bassist Bobby Burns in the KILLER IN THE WORKPLACE project.

For more information, visit the BONZ Facebook page.




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