Former STUCK MOJO Frontman’s BONZ: Raleigh Concert Footage Posted Online

Newly posted video footage of BONZ, the band led by former STUCK MOJO frontman Bonz, performing at the Berkeley Café in Raleigh, North Carolina can be seen below.

In 2009, Bonz joined forces with Bobby Burns and Curt Taylor of PRIMER 55 and created KILLER IN THE WORKPLACE. The band would go on to record a full-length album and tour to support it. However, by 2011, it was obvious that it was not in the cards for the group to continue on. Bonz and Curt had developed a bond and musical chemistry that was undeniable, and after KILLER IN THE WORKPLACE, they decided to forge ahead and form the band BONZ.

After creating the first few demos, they knew that something really new and invigorating was in store, and the music reflects that feeling. This is a “new” Bonz, with all of the flair and attitude that only he can bring, as part of a band that delivers the goods night in and night out, reiterating that “The Mouth Of Mojo” is indeed back in fine form.

BONZ has been hard at work creating its debut recording at Virtuo Sound Studios in Canton, Georgia with Josh Hack handling the engineering, mixing, mastering, and co-production duties. BONZ is getting ready for an early 2013 release, and continuation of “The Mouth Of Mojo” tour, which will have the band trekking across The U.S. and Europe in the coming months.



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