Former TESLA Guitarist Releases Second Solo Album

Former TESLA guitarist Tommy Skeoch has released his second solo album, “Brand Of Metal”, via CDBaby. The effort will also be available in a few days via Amazon, iTunes and other digital distributors.

“Brand Of Metal” track listing:

01. Fsdsrrmf
02. Scapegoat
03. Hit Away
04. Hate To Hate
05. Destruction
06. Quarter To 3
07. Something Wrong
08. Soul Fucker
09. Hard To Swallow
10. At World’s End

Skeoch left TESLA in 2006 to spend time with his family and to receive treatment for substance-abuse issues. He has since been replaced by Dave Rude.

In a 2011 interview with AOL‘s Noisecreep, TESLA singer Jeff Keith stated about Skeoch, “Look, everyone in TESLA has been through their own substance-abuse issues. But Tommy got in too deep again. So the band told him that the only way we would be able to make this work is if he was clean and sober. I felt like we couldn’t ask him to do that if we weren’t going to commit to it, too. So I was the first one to say that I wouldn’t drink, or do anything else, on the tour. The next thing you know, the other guys did the same thing. Troy [Luccketta, drums] has been clean and sober for over 20 years, so it wasn’t even an issue for him. . . Tommy couldn’t stay off the stuff he was doing. It broke my heart to see it, but we knew we had to replace him.”