Former TESSERACT, SIKTH Members Join Forces In IN COLOUR

IN COLOUR is the new band created by former SIKTH guitarist and U.K. producer Dan Weller (ENTER SHIKARI, YOUNG GUNS, KIDS IN GLASS HOUSES). Having been the talk of the British underground for some time now, IN COLOUR is finally ready for its introduction to the world with debut video “Listen For The Rain”, and track “All That I’ve Been Waiting For”.

The five-piece — completed by ex-TESSERACT frontman Dan Tompkins (vocals), Ciaran Cahill (synthesizers), Pete Skipper (bass) and Darren Baxter (drums) — boast a sound that is laden with massive hooks, ethereal vocals and timeless songwriting.

Weller says: “This has been bubbling away for years. Ciaran and I first started writing together in ’07. Along with our rock roots we both share a love of ’80s and ’90s pop music. We really wanted to create something ambitious and unique that fused it all into a massive sound.”

The co-writers set out to find the best line-up they could, soon recruiting Pete Skipper and Darren Baxter.

Weller says: “Darren and Pete are two of the best musicians I’ve ever had the privilege of playing or recording with. When they joined the band, we knew we’d be fighting off lots of other acts for their services. They’ve turned down some massive gigs for this, so we all really want the world to see how great they are.”

Once the four musicians had become a tight unit, they found the singer that they’d always dreamt of having, longtime friend Dan Tompkins.

Tompkins says: “The moment I heard the songs, I knew the band was special. To be involved with musicians of such quality is an incredible pleasure. We have worked tirelessly on this and we can’t wait to get going. IN COLOUR is the band I’ve always dreamt of being a part of.”

Having been in talks with labels and publishers alike, and having a long list of contemporaries as fans, 2013 is set to be the beginning of a very special journey. An album, recorded earlier this year at Thailand’s notable Karma Sounds studio, will be unleashed in the summer.



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