Former TESTAMENT/FORBIDDEN Guitarist Launches PANTERA Tribute Band

Guitarist Glen Alvelais (FORBIDDEN, TESTAMENT, LD/50, HATEFX) has joined forces with vocalist Derek Thompson (WEAPON STATUS RED), bassist Kimo Sanborn (FALLING TO PIECES) and drummer Nick Benigno (FALLING TO PIECES) in a PANTERA tribute band called HELLBOUND.

Commented Glen: “I am absolutely having a blast playing some of my favorite PANTERA songs with these guys. I am a very huge Dimebag fan; he was and will always be one of my heroes! I had the opportunity to meet and hang out with him while on the ‘Demonic’ tour with TESTAMENT back in 1998 and ever since then I’ve been rocking the Dean ML guitars in his honor.”

He added, “The plan is to get HELLBOUND out and touring on a national level. One of our first shows will be October 20th in Livermore, California at Pine St. A nice little place where we can have friends and family come hang out and party with us.”

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