Former THE HAUNTED Frontman PETER DOLVING Releases New ROSVO Video

“Theme Park Family Fun”, the new video from ROSVO, the Swedish hardcore band fronted by former THE HAUNTED vocalist Peter Dolving, can be seen below. The song comes off the group’s debut EP, “Ticks And Ants”, which is available on iTunes. The clip was created by THE HAUNTED guitarist Anders Björler, Hans Simonen and Mark Alan Losoas “a continued cooperation of vigilante art for art’s own sake.”

“Ticks And Ants” track listing:

01. Mommy Dearest
02. Start Chopping
03. Seasick
04. Theme Park Family Fun

ROSVO is currently touring Scandinavia and putting the finishing touches on the material for the follow-up to “Ticks And Ants”. According to Dolving, the forthcoming effort will be “a nice friendly audio anvil administered to the frontallobe of our beloved audience.”

ROSVO has been entertaining “tiny punk rock clubs and drunkard pub audiences” around Sweden and Denmark in January and February and will continue to do so throughout 2012. Currently unsigned and quite happily so, the four-piece outfit delivers a diverse and highly personal brand of intense, catchy heaviness more akin to that of DEAD GUY, COALESCE, CONVERGE and KEN MODE than more traditional hardcore.

In an interview with Metal Shock Finland, Dolving stated about ROSVO, “[The band] in itself is not really open for speculation or storytelling. It’s all about the music and the words. Anything outside of that, and the images it brings out are really completely uninteresting.”

Regarding ROSVO‘s musical direction and lyrical themes, Dolving said, “We are like a fastfood hardcore. We ARE the identikit. We ARE the cool tattoos. We ARE the macho. The über-tough guys, and a token of a politically correct. We are more straight-edge than an ecological box, We are stamped justice mince soy and we are angry. Very very angry. I’m sure some people will feel a great deal of discomfort by our well-defined agro. We are like Ninja in the night. Oh yes. Beware.”

ROSVO consists of Dolving, Hans Simonen, Martin Lundgren and David Andersson.

Dolving announced his departure from THE HAUNTED earlier today, writing on his Facebook page, “I have had it. I will NOT answer questions to why. It’s no one else’s business. I am looking forward to seeing you people at other shows with other projects.”

“Theme Park Family Fun” video:


ROSVO – Theme Park Family Fun from Rosvo on Vimeo.

ROSVO performing live in Gothenburg, Sweden on January 28, 2012: