Former THE HAUNTED Frontman To Guest On Tonight’s ‘Rock Show’ On KillerbunnyTV

On tonight’s “Rock Show” on KillerbunnyTV, former THE HAUNTED frontman Peter Dolving advises host Patrizia Mazzuoccolo on the best drugs to have sex on, discusses his X-rated drawings (ropes and lit candles inserted in delicate orifices) and diagnoses his two favorite former bandmates in THE HAUNTED, Jonas and Anders Björler, with Asperger Syndrome.

Plus, PARADISE LOST guitarist Aaron Aedy gives “Rock Show” the gossip on the band’s current U.S. tour featuring DEVIN TOWNSEND PROJECT and KATATONIA and why PARADISE LOST is not in the headliner slot. “Funnily enough, the guys in KATATONIA said the same thing,” joked Aedy.

Tune in tonight from 6 p.m. CET on KillerbunnyTV.

Created and hosted by producer Patrizia Mazzuoccolo (formerly of the “Tinitus” show, which aired on Norwegian national radio NRK P3), “The Rock Show” is a back-to-basic production that focuses on diversity, substance and alternative content.

Previously a vocalist for MARY BEATS JANE, Dolving joined THE HAUNTED in 1997 and sang in their debut self-titled album. In 1998, he left the group to concentrate on a band called ZEN-MONKEY but returned in 2003 following the departure of Marco Aro (the vocalist which took over Dolving‘s spot after Peter‘s 1998 exit). He has since appeared on the studio albums “Revolver” (2004), “The Dead Eye” (2006), “Versus” (2008) and “Unseen” (2011).


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