Former THE SMASHING PUMPKINS Guitarist JAMES IHA: New Video Interview

Holland’s FaceCulture recently conducted an interview with guitarist and singer-songwriter James Iha. You can now watch the chat in four parts below.

Iha‘s new solo album, “Look To The Sky”, was released on September 18, 2012 on The End Records. As a member of A PERFECT CIRCLE, the power pop super-group TINTED WINDOWS, and of course, THE SMASHING PUMPKINS, Iha gathered musical depth and craftsmanship inspired by his many bands as well as his production work with THE SOUNDS, WHISKEYTOWN and LADYTRON, to create a new album offering listeners sophisticated pop melodies, lyrical sharpness and guitar driven rock.

Produced by Iha and guitarist Nathan Larson (formerly of beloved indie rockers SHUDDER TO THINK) at Iha‘s own studio Stratosphere Sound in New York City, the sessions for “Look To The Sky” were designed to create an atmosphere of freedom, experimentation and shared fondness for a variety of enduring genres: from bright, modern rock, to ’60s nuggets and cool, clean ’80s new wave.

“I wanted this record to be more eclectic and reflect all of my tastes which is why it took so long,” Iha explained. “It was important to me for the record to be multi-dimensional and complex. Being a part of THE SMASHING PUMPKINS, and working with so many other bands and artists since my last album [1998’s solo debut ‘Let It Come Down’] gave me a fresh perspective on what music could be.”

This free and fun environment attracted friends and peers such as the YEAH YEAH YEAHSKaren O and Nick Zinner, TEGAN AND SARA‘s Sara Quin, FOUNTAINS OF WAYNE‘s Adam Schlesinger, ANTONY THE JOHNSONS and legendary TELEVISION guitarist Tom Verlaine.

“Working with all of these talented people helped the record evolve in great and unexpected ways,” Iha said.

“Look To The Sky” saw Iha returning as a solo artist after nearly a decade and a half, newly inspired, a little wiser and proud to share what he’s learned and created. “I feel like everything should lead up to something and this is a culmination of my journey,” he said.

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