Former VIXEN Bassist Talks JANETSHAREROXYGINA In New Interview

James Wood of recently conducted an interview with former VIXEN and current JANETSHAREROXYGINA‘s (a.k.a. JSRG) bassist Share Ross. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow below. How long has this reunion [of former VIXEN members in JANETSHAREROXYGINA] been brewing?

Share: We’ve been talking about getting back together as VIXEN for a while. I know some people think there are some big shenanigans going on, but the fact is we’re all still friends with Jan [Kuehnemund, VIXEN guitarist who holds the rights to the name]. The timing just isn’t right. So, we’ve decided to let go of the VIXEN thing for now and reached out to [guitarist] Gina [Stile]. Out of respect for Jan, we’re not going to call it VIXEN and instead calling it JSRG. Has the band been writing new material?

Share: There’s been some writing that’s going on. It’s difficult to coordinate with everyone’s schedule right now, but we’re hoping to do more of that as the year goes on. What was the reason Vixen decided to take a break in the early ’90s?

Share: There were many reasons, but one of the big ones was that our manager had a big argument with the record label, which subsequently dropped him and all of the artists he managed. At the time we probably should have united together but instead, we all started arguing amongst ourselves (myself included). We were all to blame. Were you ever intimidated at all by being a female in sort of a “male-dominated” genre?

Share: Not at all. I was always ready to lay it down. In fact, at the beginning of every VIXEN tour, the members of the headlining band would always stand on the side of the stage just to see if we could really play. It was an ongoing thing that got to be kind of funny. We were always like, “Here we go again!” There was so much of showing people we had what it took that there was no time to be intimidated. It was always, “Who do we have to shoot down now or whose ass do we have to kick today?” But always with a nice high-heeled boot. It was the ’80s, after all. [laughs]

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