FOSCOR Begins Recording Fourth Full-Length Album

Dark metallers FOSCOR have entered Nautilus Studios in Barcelona to begin recording their fourth full-length album. Entitled “Those Horrors Wither”, the follow-up to 2009’s “Groans to the Guilty” marks an expansion in the band’s musical direction, away from the strict confines of black metal. Work has already started on the drum tracks, and FOSCOR will be posting regular updates and photos from the recording sessions on their Facebook page.

With a current lineup that comprises Falke (SOUL ASIDE, FAYRIERIE, ex-LUX DIVINA) and A.M. (ex-VIDRES A LA SANG) on guitar, Fiar (MELANGIA, DAWN OV HATE, CABESTRO, live session vocalist for GRAVEYARD) on bass and vocals, and Nechrist (ex-SHEMHAMPHORASH) on drums, FOSCOR was formed in Barcelona in 1997 and spent their first decade blending the best of ’90’s old-school black metal with both traditional and modern extreme metal styles. With three full-length albums, three splits, and appearances on KATATONIA and ENSLAVED tributes under their belts, the band released a live DVD in 2012 to commemorate their 10th anniversary. But more than just a commemoration, the DVD also represents the end of one era for the band, while “Those Horrors Wither”, for which a label is being sought, represents the beginning of the next.

Commenting on the new direction, FOSCOR founders Falke and Fiar had this to say: “We have been developing our direction and sound since the very beginning, and now I think we have reached the stage where our musical abilities have increased to the extent where we can express ourselves fully though our music in the way we always wanted and we have truly come into our own. We don’t really know how you would classify the new direction, but we have expanded our musical horizons, dipping into doom, and even moments of prog, whilst keeping the claustrophobic black atmosphere. I guess you could say that the new album will be much more multi-dimensional. Fans who have been with us from the start will have probably had some kind of inkling as to the direction we will be taking, and we hope they will be very satisfied with what they are going to hear. There’s a lot of work yet to be done and we will try to keep everyone updated every step of the way. Darkness will speak again…”

FOSCOR‘s next live appearance will be on May 21 at the Primavera Sound festival in Barcelona.