FOX5 San Diego Video Report On AS I LAY DYING Singer’s Arrest Over Alleged Murder-For-Hire Plot

FOX television network affiliate FOX5 San Diego has uploaded a one-and-a-half-minute video report on AS I LAY DYING singer Tim Lambesis‘ arrest for allegedly hiring someone to kill his estranged wife. Check it out at this location.

Lambesis was taken into custory while shopping at a store on Vista Way in Oceanside about 2 p.m. on Thursday, May 7, after allegedly soliciting an undercover detective to kill his spouse, an Encinitas resident. The couple reportedly have three children, whom they adopted from Ethiopia.

Authorities began investigating Lambesis, 32, in the case on May 2, when they received information that he allegedly was trying to get someone to commit the murder.

“You might think that you’re talking to someone that’s trusted,” said Jan Caldwell, spokeswoman for San Diego County Sheriff’s Department. “You might be talking to someone you know. But if you’re looking to do something wrong and something bad, most people aren’t going to let that rest. They’re going to take that to a higher authority. So, something certainly as sinister as this needed to be taken somewhere, and it was.”

Lambesis was booked into the Vista Jail on suspicion of solicitation of another to commit murder. He is scheduled to appear before a judge Thursday afternoon (May 9).

Lambesis‘ wife, Meggan, filed for divorce in North County last September.

SoundDiego contributor Tim Pyles, of FM 94/9, told “He’s not the idealistic young Christian kid he once was, apparently. Because that’s what [AS I LAY DYING] are: a straight-edged Christian metal band. He was a nice guy. I’ve had him on my show a couple times over the years. I just spoke to him via Facebook the last couple months about having him come on to talk about his latest record.”

Speaking to Noisecreep in January, Lambesis talked about AS I LAY DYING being labeled a Christian band.

“Five or so years ago, when magazines would try and press that point, we decided to stay silent on the spiritual topic so that they would have to pay attention to our music and nothing more,” he said.

“We didn’t preach at our shows, our goal has always been to just write the best music we can write. Of course religion has some influence on the things that we write about just like all of our life experiences do but as a band, we want to be judged on the music rather than what our personal beliefs are,” he added.

Image below: Official San Diego Sheriff’s Department press release regarding Lambesis‘ arrest


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