FOZZY Frontman On Latest ‘Dancing’ Episode: Going From CHARLIE BROWN To CHARLIE SHEEN

FOZZY frontman and WWE wrestling superstar Chris Jericho and his dancing partner Cheryl Burke performed a paso doble during last night’s (Monday, April 11) episode of “Dancing With The Stars”. Chris, who was dressed in a vest made from a pleather couch, later stated that Cheryl had taken him from “Charlie Brown to Charlie Sheen” this week as far as dance attitude goes.

Watch Jericho‘s fourth-week “Dancing” performance below.

In an interview with KABC, an ABC affiliate in Los Angeles, Jericho stated about his appearance in “Dancing With The Stars”, “Every performance I do is going to be like a Vegas show. I’m going to make sure that people have a great time. And if my technical abilities aren’t great, it doesn’t matter; you have to connect with the people that are watching. And that’s what I’m hoping to do with every performance I do in a different way.”

A six-time WWE world champion, two-time New York Times best-selling author, lead singer of the rock band FOZZY and host of the ABC game show “Downfall”, Chris Jericho began wrestling at age 19 and is one of the most popular performers in wrestling history. In 2001 Chris was the first-ever undisputed champion of the WWE, and he is the only performer to have held six different titles in the 44-year history of World Wrestling Entertainment. He became a New York Times best-selling author in 2007 with his autobiography, “A Lion’s Tale: Around The World In Spandex”, and is currently on the list again with his follow-up, “Undisputed: How To Become The World Champion In 1,372 Easy Steps”, his second autobiography. Chris‘ rock band, FOZZY, has sold a quarter of a million CDs worldwide.