FOZZY Frontman: We Wanted To Make ‘Sin And Bones’ Our Version Of METALLICA’s ‘Black Album’

InsideSTL recently conducted an interview with FOZZY frontman and WWE wrestling superstar Chris Jericho. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow below.

InsideSTL: What makes “Sin And Bones” stand out from FOZZY‘s previous albums?

Chris Jericho: We really kind of honed in… [and] It’s almost like METALLICA and JOURNEY were hanging out together with a little dash of COLDPLAY. We really took it to the next level… We made a very conscious effort [to create] almost our [version of METALLICA‘s] “Black Album.” All the songs on top of the “Black Album” all fit a certain vibe, a certain framework. It became the best and biggest record, and we wanted to make “Sin And Bones” like FOZZY‘s “Black Album.”

InsideSTL: How has FOZZY‘s audience changed since the band dropped the stage names, or has it?

Chris Jericho: That was 10 years ago… We’ve been together 13 years; a lot of bands come go in that time. We’re very fortunate after 13 years… You have a lot of people [who were] there because they’re Chris Jericho fans… Mostly now we have people that are FOZZY fans and that’s the most important thing… A gimmick will only last for one time… [People either] like it or they don’t, you’ve either got good music or bad music. At this point in time, we really kind of showed people worldwide [we have a] gimmick of this band that’s a really great rock ‘n’ roll band… [with] high energy and a lot of fun.

InsideSTL: There hasn’t been much publicity for the latest album on WWE programming like with “All That Remains”. How do you feel that will affect album sales?

Chris Jericho: It’s a different world now. Back then that was the only publicity we really had. Now it’s a different thing… I think “Sandpaper” is going to be the theme for Summerslam… [But] we don’t really rely on WWE to sell records… Our publicity and our promotion comes from the word of mouth and all [kinds of] other places.

InsideSTL: Would you like to be remembered more for your wrestling career or your music career and why?

Chris Jericho: When I was a kid, I had two dreams, [to become a professional wrestler and a rock star]. I was crazy enough to go for both of them … I mean, obviously wrestling is what I’m known for… [but] who knows what might happen over the next 10 years.

Read the entire interview from InsideSTL.

“Sin And Bones” full-album audio stream (courtesy of Loudwire):




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