FOZZY: More Bus Crash Details Revealed

FOZZY‘s bus was traveling to Denmark from Germany when at approximately 5:30 a.m. Tuesday morning, local time, the bus collided with a construction barricade. The front left tire of the bus drove up the barricade like a ramp, and went into a 50-foot skid on two wheels before coming to a halt. In the crash, the driver’s door was ripped completely off its hinges, the front and side windshields were smashed, the undercarriage was destroyed, and the impact threw the band and crew out of their bunks. The damage to the bus forced FOZZY to cancel their show that evening in Århus, Denmark at the Voxhall with ANTHRAX. The band’s lead singer, WWE wrestling superstar Chris Jericho, was not involved in the crash, as he was traveling on the ANTHRAX bus.

Commented Chris: “All of us in the FOZZY family are relieved and blessed that nobody was seriously hurt in the accident. What makes things even crazier is that I was discussing the bus crash that took the life of my hero, METALLICA‘s Cliff Burton, with the ANTHRAX guys at roughly the same time the members of my own band were experiencing almost the same thing. Thankfully, the results of our crash were much better.”

Officials are closely monitoring minor injuries sustained by two of the band members as the tour is scheduled to continue tonight (Wednesday, July 13) in Hamburg, Germany.

“The show must go on and we are happy that even though some of us are shaken up, our show in Hamburg will take place. We dodged a huge bullet last night for sure though,” Jericho said.

Post-accident photos below courtesy of FOZZY guitarist Rich Ward