FRANTIC AMBER Begins Work On Debut Album

Swedish metal band FRANTIC AMBER has scrapped its previously announced plans to release a second EP and will now begin work on a full-length album instead. The song “Bleeding Sanity” will be released as a single, but re-recorded for the album sessions. The cover artwork for “Bleeding Sanity” was designed by Vladimir Chebakov and can be seen below along with the recently released video. Ralph Santolla (former guitarist for DEATH, DEICIDE, OBITUARY and ICED EARTH, among others), who produced “Bleeding Sanity”, will also helm the upcoming album sessions.

The “Bleeding Sanity” song was mixed and mastered by Jonas Kjellgren at Black Lounge Studio.

Commented FRANTIC AMBER guitarist and founder Mary Säfstrand: “When we were working of the EP, more and more songs started to come out and now we feel ready to do an album. Therefore it feels unnecessary for us to put the cost and time to release another EP when we can record an album.The wait will be longer, but we think it will be worth it!”

FRANTIC AMBER is participating in the Emergenza Music competition and has several spring shows booked, including an appearance called at the Nemis Metal Night event in Stockholm alongside THE RESISTANCE (new Swedish supergroup featuring former member of IN FLAMES, THE HAUNTED and GRAVE) on May 12 at Bryggarsalen, Odenplan.

FRANTIC AMBER‘s last video, “Wrath Of Judgement”, was viewed more than 100,000 times on YouTube in less than one year and paved the way for the international digital release of the then-unknown-band’s debut five-track EP, “Wrath Of Judgement”, which came out in 2011.

FRANTIC AMBER recently recruited a new drummer — and its first male member — Erik Röjås. Erik has been performing with the band since last year’s Sweden Rock Festival and accompanied the group on its second tour of Russia in September.

FRANTIC AMBER performed the song “Doomed To Walk This Earth” at “P3 Guld” — Swedish radio station P3‘s annual music awards ceremony — on January 21 at Lisebergshallen in Gothenburg, Sweden.

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Photo credit: Rickard Nilsson, RN Bild