FRANTIC AMBER: ‘Ghost’ Video Released

“Ghost”, the new video from the Stockholm, Sweden-based melodic death metal band FRANTIC AMBER — which features members from Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Japan — can be seen below. The clip was released yesterday (Friday, December 21), the final day in the 13th 144,000-day cycle of the ancient Mayan Long Count Calendar — otherwise known as the Mayan apocalypse.

Commented FRANTIC AMBER guitarist and founder Mary Säfstrand: “We felt like doing something special on this day. Even if the world didn’t end as rumored, it symbolizes a big thing and a turning point for us.”

FRANTIC AMBER has performed at a number of festivals in the last two years, including Sweden Rock Festival, Metaltown and Rockstad Falun, and has toured in Sweden, Russia and Denmark. In addition, they won the Swedish Wacken Metal Battle 2012 in May, giving them the opportunity to play at the world’s biggest metal festival, Wacken Open Air, in Wacken, Germany in August.

FRANTIC AMBER started 2012 by performing the song “Doomed To Walk This Earth” at “P3 Guld” — Swedish radio station P3‘s annual music awards ceremony — on January 21 at Lisebergshallen in Gothenburg, Sweden. The event was broadcast on Nordic national television channels and radio.

FRANTIC AMBER has turned to SellABand, a music web site that allows artists to raise the money from their fans and the SellABand community, in order to finance the recording of their debut album. The group’s fan-funding target is 10,000 euros.

According to a press release, FRANTIC AMBER‘s debut CD — which will be recorded next spring — “will be a mix of brutality, groove and melody. Classic metal meets modern metal, simply an album where rage comes with beautiful harmonies. It is the core and essence that FRANTIC AMBER is all about.”


“Ghost” cover art by Smerdulak (a.k.a. Vladimir Chebakov)


Photo credit: Amanda Lindelöf of


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