Friends, Fans And Family Pay Tribute To Fallen SUICIDE SILENCE Singer

Friends of SUICIDE SILENCE singer Mitch Lucker gathered last night (Thursday, November 1) in Riverside, California, where the 28-year-old grew up, to celebrate the life of the musician who died of injuries sustained in a motorcycle crash the day before. A separate vigil was held at the crash site in Huntington Beach that was attended by fans as well as some of Mitch‘s family members, including his wife of two years, Jolie, and his five-year-old daughter, Kenadee. Check out video footage below.



Lucker was riding his black 2013 Harley-Davidson south on Main Street about 8:55 p.m. Wednesday when he hit a light pole near the intersection of 13th Street. The motorcycle continued sliding south on Main Street and struck a northbound 2007 Nissan Titan pickup.

Lucker was seriously injured and was treated at the scene by paramedics. He died shortly after 6 a.m. at UC Irvine Medical Center.

According to his wife, the singer made a choice Halloween night to drink and ride.

Jolie Carmadella said she didn’t know why her husband left home Wednesday night and didn’t know where he was headed, but she did reveal that she found some empty containers at home.

Asked what message she had for SUICIDE SILENCE‘s fans in the wake of the musician’s death, Carmadella said, “Just make the right choice. Don’t hurt your family. Don’t drink and drive.”

The surviving members of SUICIDE SILENCE posted a statement on their Facebook page Thursday morning reading, “There’s no easy way to say this. Mitch passed away earlier this morning from injuries sustained during a motorcycle accident. This is completely devastating to all of us and we offer our deepest condolences to his family. He will be forever in our hearts.”

Asked what attracted him to motorcycles, Mitch told in an interview last month, “The danger in it. Being a frontman in a band, you get addicted to adrenaline rushes. When you’re onstage, there’s not more of a rush. When I get home from touring, I need to find something to match that so I don’t get my adrenaline withdrawals. Being exposed to every element of danger while you’re sitting on a motor — that, to me, is freedom.”

SUICIDE SILENCE recently inked a deal with Nuclear Blast Entertainment, the new division of Nuclear Blast formed by Nuclear Blast owner Markus Staiger and former Roadrunner AR chief Monte Conner.

The band has released three albums so far — 2007’s “The Cleansing”, 2009’s “No Time to Bleed” and last year’s “The Black Crown”.





Pictured below: Mitch Lucker‘s wife Jolie Carmadella


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