Fullforce Announces North American Release For “One” Album

Photo of FullForce

Band Photo: FullForce

Sweden’s Fullforce has issued the following update about releasing the “One” album in North America and lining up dates for a mini-tour:

“Hey rockers,

“It’s been a few weeks since the release of ‘One’ in Europe and this far reviews and feedback from media and fans have turned out amazing. We’re now looking forward to the U.S/Canada releasedate which is July 26 and we’re hoping that our album will be well recieved there as well.

“A mini-tour is about to be announced so, keep your eyes open for more details regarding this. The mini-tour this time will start in Sweden and end in Germany…unfortunally no other countries to be visited this time but, more gigs are in the works so, stay tuned:).

“All the best: FULLFORCE”

You can also check out Fullforce’s recent addition to Metalunderground.com’s “Pit Stories” column by heading here. The “One” track listing is as follows:

1. Mythomaniac (4:02)
2. None Of Your Concern (3:35)
3. Heart And Soul (3:31)
4. Oblivion (4:53)
5. Open Your Eyes (4:25)
6. Rain (4:33)
7. Suffering In Silence (3:06)
8. Walls Of Secrets (4:33)
9. Father spirit (4:51)
10. Bleed (5:07)
11. Into The Cradle (5:01)