Gallileous Issues Update On Recording New Material

Poland’s Gallileous has issued the following announcement about recording new material:

“After the long writing process we are prepared to next step, recoding an official promo-demo for our 2nd LP ‘Necrocosmos,’ plus a new version (2011) of ‘Et Mors,’ (previously recorded in 1994 – demo ‘Passio Et Mors’). This new version will be exclusively recorded for Doom Metal Front Zine #7!

“One of the two promo songs chosen from several of new and fresh created is also based on our last ever song just before breaking up the band in 1995. Recording starts in 29.08.11… This time our ‘necro-space doom’ will take you to a parallel universe.”

You can also check out the band’s music by heading over to the official Gallileous MySpace music profile.