GARDENIAN: ‘We’re Back Together For Real’

Nearly three months after reuniting for a one-off concert at the inaugural edition of the Gothenburg Sound Festival at Trädgår’n in Gothenburg, Sweden, acclaimed Swedish metallers GARDENIAN have released the following statement:

“Well, boys and girls. Here is the news we were talking about.

“We felt we wanted to do some more than one show. So right now we’re back together for real and we are in the process of making new songs for an upcoming album.

“When this album will be recorded and how it is going to sound is yet to find out. But this old bear has slept enough and we are ready to bite someone in the ass. Are you?”

Fan-filmed video footage of the “Ecstasy Of Life” performance (from the 1999 album “Soulburner”) at the Gothenburg Sound Festival can be seen below.

The double-CD reissue of GARDENIAN‘s “Soulburner” and “Sindustries” (2000) albums came out in February 2008 via Metal Mind Productions. The limited-edition digipack release (limited to 2,000 copies) was made available on golden disc, digitally remastered using 24-bit technology.

GARDENIAN was yet another spawn of the Swedish metal community, but unlike many other bands from the Gothenburg region, they managed to stand up to the fathers of the genre and deliver a huge dose of solid melodic death metal, at the same time presenting a sound of their own.

The two GARDENIAN albums that were originally released through Nuclear Blast“Soulburner” and “Sindustries” — received an impressive number of positive reviews over the years, but GARDENIAN sadly never managed to get the acclaim it deserved, resulting in the band’s breakup in 2004.


Jim Kjell – Vocals, Guitar
Niclas Engelin (IN FLAMES, ENGEL) – Guitar
Thim Blom – Drums
Håkan Skoger – Bass



Pictured below: GARDENIAN in December 2012



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