THE GATHERING’s ‘Always’ Lineup To Reunite For Charity Concert

Dutch rockers THE GATHERING have issued the following update:

“Some exciting news! After years we (THE GATHERING) came in contact again, thanks to Facebook, with the nice people from ACROSTICHON (Corinne and Richard). Of course, we talked a lot about the good old days, especially the ones we had at the Willem II concert hall in Den Bosch. There was a matinee gig every month (I think it was every last Sunday), and we saw some great bands such as CANDLEMASS, MORBID ANGEL, DEATH, and, of course, we played there as well. Those days were so much fun. We had a great nostalgic trip talking about those days. Soon we came to the conclusion we would love to do this again!

“As you might know, our debut album, ‘Always…’, is almost 20 years old (April 1992). I contacted all old-school THE GATHERING ‘Always…’-era members and everybody immediatly liked the idea to do something together. An old-school doom/death party! ACROSTICHON released their debut album, ‘Engraved In Black’, almost the same period, and our friends from PENTACLE released their debut demo, ‘Caressed By Both Sides’, as well 20 years ago. Why not celebrate this?

“So, grab your agenda: THE GATHERING, ACROSTICHON and PENTACLE will play live together at the Willem II (now called W2) Sunday afternoon 1st of April (no joke!), 2012! Like 20 years ago, ACROSTICHON will be headlining, THE GATHERING and PENTACLE will be support acts.

“Last, but definitly not least: All profit will go to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.”